Our Team

We are a Corinthian effort. We are privileged, from time to time, to have some professional sailors join us in this effort, but our primary motivation here is the spirit of friendship in a shared effort for success.

Our values are safety, camaraderie, performance. To be honest, when we are looking at a winning position, we lean pretty hard on the second to excel in the third, but we do keep safety first.

Many folks have sailed on Oaxaca, and we enjoy meeting folks who have sailed on her 10, 20, or 40 years ago.

Transpac Team is at this link.

Crew at Big Boats
Crew at Big Boats

Our current extended roster includes (in no particular order, bold in 2019 TransPac):

  • David Ritchie
  • Michael Moradzadeh
  • Bret DeWire
  • Liz Baylis
  • Dee Caffari
  • Harry Spedding
  • Molly Robinson
  • Patrick Lewis
  • Tom Paulling
  • Don Teakell
  • David Smith
  • Lisa Overton
  • Michelle Diaz
  • Mike Simon
  • Robert Milligan
  • John Quackenbush
  • Melinda Erkelens
  • Eliott James
  • John Kearney
  • Michael Kastrop
  • Karen Tara
  • Harold Marsh
  • Steve Bode
  • Alex Kononoff
  • Rebecca Hinden
  • Tony English
  • Jennifer Ellies
  • John Burr
  • Kim Le
  • Paul Manning
  • Tom Thayer
  • Jacob Kowalski