Races and Results

Oaxaca is a race boat. So we race here. Below, please see what she's done and how she did!

Title Date Result
2021 Cal Offshore Race Week First in division
2019 Transpac 1st in Div, 6th overall.
CORW Series 1st in Div. 3d overall
Coastal Cup 2nd in Div
Socal 300 1st in Div and legs 2&3
Spinnaker Cup 1st in Div
2019 Vallejo Race 4th
2018 Big Boats 3rd
2017 TransPac 8th. 2 hours behind 2nd
2016 Pacific Cup 2nd in Div
1998 Pac Cup Eighth in Division
1994 Pac Cup First in Division
1993 Transpac Third in Division
1990 Pac Cup First in Division
1983 TransPac First in Division
1981 TransPac Mid-fleet