Early Sunday Morning on SV OAXACA

Aloha from SV OAXACA early Sunday morning!

It's still dark at 0700 on the boat as we are still on PDT despite being about 100 miles from Molokai.

As you have probably seen on the tracker, we are pretty darn close to our buddies on Horizon and are working hard to further close the gap. They owe us time, but we aren't taking anything for granted.

Last night was one of those incredible starry skies That you can only experience on the open sea before the moon rises. Absolutely beautiful. Priceless experience that you can on have here with no light pollution.

We had a little excitement in the 0500 hour when our beloved A2 spinnaker decided to leave us in spectacular fashion. We were just entering a small squall (the first in nearly 20 hours) and Liz was busily baking the last batch of scones in the galley, when the head of the A2 went "bang"! After some great crew work, we had a new kite up and drawing in less than seven minutes! Awesome!

The A2 had a good life - three races to Hawaii and pulling more than its weight in the last two. We'll drink a toast to A2U when we get ashore!

This may well be the last note from sea as we are looking at a very busy next 18 hours or so.

The crew of SV OAXACA