Wednesday morning from SV OAXACA

Aloha from SV OAXACA!

The 0400 to 0800 watch has mixed emotions about the sunrise moving later each day - their watch stays darker longer, but the Mai Tais are getting closer!

Yesterday was an exercise in conviction for the crew. We are committed to our southern route, so we had to be patient and watch as our competitors sailed higher and faster most of the day. But the last 5 YB position reports are starting to show that our patience may be starting to pay off. We'll know more over the next few days.

Today we should be crossing the half-way point, so there might be a little celebration later!

We did start the morning off very well with fresh baked scones from our mildly domesticated navigator.

Okay back to the game at hand!

The crew of SV OAXACA


Ahoy mateys!!  Nice to see the status posts at last!  Life on land is boring (except for the latest outrages caused by your President), but that aside, not much is happening here.  I don't even have any Jaffa Cakes as a consolation for not being on board.   :-(

Heather and I are watching your progress and cheering you on.  Go Mighty Oaxaca!!