The Valkyries of Oaxaca

The fierce Valkyries of Norse legend are nothing compared to what we had aboard Oaxaca. With a gender-neutral crew selection, we picked from the best available and ended up with three superstar women in the mix.

Liz Baylis, navigator, match race champion, and longtime friend has excellent skills and fully applied herself to the navigator role, making some great calls to put Oaxaca in position to do well and exploit her advantages.

Dee Caffari, M.B.E., is a six-time circumnavigator and Volvo Ocean Race skipper. A friend of Liz (and all of ours now), she also brought mad skillz to the boat as well as a steady upbeat attitude, helping to coach us to perform. In the 2017 race, she only got to spend two hours on land before jetting off to do Volvo crew selection, so we are happy that she and Harry have the full week here to go native.

Molly Robinson Noble, our youngest crew member (not hard to get to that point), also had great driving ability, an unflagging cheerfulness, and a creepily uncanny ability to spot the wind. We are pretty sure she is using some sort of dark magic, but her wind calls were spot-on, and her trimming of the spinnaker was excellent.

Of course, our entire crew was excellent, but I wanted to call out these three as an example to any who might see their performance and contributions as an inspiration to step up themselves, or to recruit similar crew for their own venture!