Thursday morning on OAXACA

Aloha from SV OAXACA,

Wednesday was "Halfway Party Day" and Liz's birthday, so we celebrated all day long. Starting with Liz's "birthday cake" (aka fresh baked scones) in the morning to a fun halfway prank on one of our Transpac rookies to opening Halfway Party packages from our friends and family after our scrumptious "Coconut Chicken Curry" dinner to TWO incredible moonbows. Not a bad way to spend the day. And, oh yes, we sailed hard, too!

As we were approaching the halfway point, Liz reported that there was a boat ahead of us about 10 miles (and coincidentally that was also the distance to our halfway point (equidistant from the start and the finish)). Dee then announced "be on the lookout for a signpost 10 miles ahead". Our Transpac rookie exclaimed "Really, did they radio it in?" Dee and Brett then connived with Liz to make a sign out of a cabbage leaf reading "1/2 WAY". As Dee counted down the last few tenths of a mile and told everyone to be on the lookout, Brett sent the cabbage leaf overboard and our rookie exclaimed "I saw it! Did you see it?" Much to the veterans' amusement and laughter.

After dinner, we opening our halfway packages which contained sweet treats, savory snacks, and fun toys and had a little fun. Thank you, Eliza, Sadie, Johanna, and Eric. A few of the crew also made phone calls home.

During one of the overnight watches, there was a "miszling" (mixture of misting and drizzling) of rain which led to TWO fantastic moonbows (nighttime rainbows under the light of the full moon). Absolutely beautiful!

Tripping over moonbows being followed by a moon shadow. Hmmm, maybe some Cat could right a song about it.

Okay, enough musing, back to work!