Saturday Afternoon on SV OAXACA

Aloha from SV OAXACA!

Sorry the day got away from us and we forgot to write an update!

As you can see from the tracker, we've been working really hard to cut into Horizon's lead, so not a lot of time to write.

Last night and most of this morning were filled with rain and squalls which made for wet and challenging conditions as the wind shifted and changed velocity with each passing squall. And, inevitably, the squalls came within 10 minutes of the end of a watch which insured that everyone came down below soaked. Except Liz because she lives in a cave where is no rain. Or air. Or sunlight. You will recognize her in Hawaii because she is pasty white. But not bitter. (-:

Okay, back to looking at weather forecasts and eating dinner!

(About 250 miles from the finish)