Friday morning on SV OAXACA

Aloha from the mighty OAXACA!

The big excitement onboard, which you probably already observed, is that we gybed at 0340 this morning and are pointed towards Hawaii! Cowabunga!

And since this report is a little later, we have seen the Daily Standings report from the Race Committee and as of the 0800 positions we are sitting in 2nd in class between Horizon and Lucky Duck. Which coincidentally is where we are positioned on the race course - between Horizon who gybed at around midnight and Lucky Duck who gybed sometime after 0500. Hard to cover two boats at once!

Our theme song for the last few days is "Moving On Up" from "The Full Monty" as we climb the standings.

The other huge news onboard revolves around the animal attacks on our precious MBE. First came the arachnids. Think Harry Potter here - HUGE monsters in the forest. Whilst tidying the staysail sheet before sunrise, Dee encountered the beast on the deck lurking under the sheet and let out a shriek! But no prince was able to come to her assistance as they were all laughing hysterically. When our brave Captain came on watch he was able to capture the plastic spider and pocket it. Wide speculation as to its origin leads to leftover Halloween decorations!

And then came the water creatures. The same precious MBE went to take a refreshing sip from her water bottle only to discover that it had been spooged by an errant flying fish! Ewwwwwww!

That's it for now. Our bellies all hurt from laughing at poor Dee's expense.

Back to pushing hard. Onward and upward!

The happy crew of SV OAXACA