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We decided not to race the third leg of the Cal Offshore Race Week,
guessing that the wind would be too light to finish. Sure enough, no
finishers in our small division, so we ended up in first place!


In anticipation of the 2021 Transpac, I am reviving our remote post
system. Can't quite remember how it works, but if you see this, it does.


From Latitude 38:

Squid Pro Quo

By Christine Weaver | January 29, 2020 | San Francisco Bay | 

Early last week, Michael Moradzadeh of Tiburon had been considering entering his Santa Cruz 50 Oaxaca in the Three Bridge Fiasco. His plans for Saturday changed, but still involved getting the boat out.

fullsizeoutput_a0a6.jpeg , fullsizeoutput_a0a5.jpeg , fullsizeoutput_a0a9.jpeg , fullsizeoutput_a0ba.jpeg

Thank you to Roxanne Fairbairn for these lovely shots!


All new crew, we had a great time on the water.

Here's a picture of us finishing....


Thanks to Rhys, Erdun, and the whole crew via Griffin Bay Adventures for safely bringing Oaxaca home.


They're dribbling them out slowly, but here's a nice shot of our finish from Sharon Green. This one we had to pay for. Respect their copyright.


Time to pack them up.


Plastic spider on board caused great concern.

Skipper unfairly accused of planting it.  To be fair, it is something he WOULD do, but in this case, did not.


This trophy stuff is new to me (Michael), but it sure is fun. We went up to collect a number of plaudits: Div IV first. First SC50/52. Navigator div win (Liz), Team Trophy (Naughty Blue Tequlia).  A nice upbeat presentation by Chuck Hawley, and dinner for many of us at MW restaurant afterwards.

Team trophy
Storm Trysail Win



The big event tonight is the handing out of awards, and we're pretty excited.  Oaxaca is in for a couple of them (first in division and team trophy), so we'll be all smiles.

Of course, thanks are due to so many, from our partners and spouses, our families, and our friends to the many businesses that went out of their ways to help us succeed. 


While TPYC sorts through their files to show finishers, we wanted to share a great shot taken by Max Roth.  This is Oaxaca at the finish, pushing hard, to complete the course with a whole 12 minutes to spare for the first place spot!

See our full gallery at https://oaxaca.smugmug.com/2019-Transpac
Oaxaca with diamond head in the background


The fierce Valkyries of Norse legend are nothing compared to what we had aboard Oaxaca. With a gender-neutral crew selection, we picked from the best available and ended up with three superstar women in the mix.

Liz Baylis, navigator, match race champion, and longtime friend has excellent skills and fully applied herself to the navigator role, making some great calls to put Oaxaca in position to do well and exploit her advantages.


Well, we spent all our money on sails and stuff, so did not get the personal photo package. However, we DO have a photo gallery of onboard and arrival shots.

Check it out. https://oaxaca.smugmug.com/2019-Transpac/


According to the provisional results, we may have won our division.  How frickin cool is that? When you sail with rock stars, expect a concert.



Aloha from SV OAXACA early Sunday morning!

It's still dark at 0700 on the boat as we are still on PDT despite being about 100 miles from Molokai.

As you have probably seen on the tracker, we are pretty darn close to our buddies on Horizon and are working hard to further close the gap. They owe us time, but we aren't taking anything for granted.

Last night was one of those incredible starry skies That you can only experience on the open sea before the moon rises. Absolutely beautiful. Priceless experience that you can on have here with no light pollution.


Aloha from SV OAXACA!

Sorry the day got away from us and we forgot to write an update!

As you can see from the tracker, we've been working really hard to cut into Horizon's lead, so not a lot of time to write.

Last night and most of this morning were filled with rain and squalls which made for wet and challenging conditions as the wind shifted and changed velocity with each passing squall. And, inevitably, the squalls came within 10 minutes of the end of a watch which insured that everyone came down below soaked. Except Liz because she lives in a cave where is no rain. Or air. Or sunlight. You will recognize her in Hawaii because she is pasty white. But not bitter. (-: