With the m to go in the low triple digits,we can almost taste the MaiTais. Last night was our big chance to pick up a place. However, the light air gremlins visited us instead of them, so ... No.

We will see.

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Routing has us arriving at 7 am Sunday. Pacific time. It takes us a couple hours to get to the finish dock so we can clean up the boat and change clothes

Last night was wild with strong winds and irregular waves. Our Drivers made good use of it , giving us the best turn of speed of all but the division 1 boats.

Dinner last night was mandarin orange chicken. Tonight: eggplant Parm.

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Halfway party!! Pizza, presents, and calls home


A2 spinnaker up. Two lasagna dinners down. All good!


We have peppy winds. Sea is a little lumpy but not bad. Rebecca has been up the mast a fey times. Snapped jib halyard. Escaping batten. Otherwise all is well


Not that we wanted to wait till the last minute, but between COVID and some late discoveries, we replaced our backstay, headstay foil, main and big #1 genoa all within the last few days.  The backstay, a carbon "rod" arrived with a kink in the middle, which concerned us till a discussion with the maker explained that this was purely cosmetic, and that the load carrying carbon fibers in the core would be undamaged.  The new main looks great, as does the new #1 headsail.  I installed the headfoil a couple of weeks ago.

Today, we are a flurry of activity, last provisioning moves, stowing gear, and checking the weather.  We get our skipper bag and tracker today too for the start tomorrow.  Fun times!


John Arndt found this ad from a 1981 Latitude!

Latitude 38 ad
Still Fastest, after all these years



Posting by email, sailmail, and sms installed


Here is a photo![image: IMG_20180428_123022.jpg]


Testing mail


We decided not to race the third leg of the Cal Offshore Race Week,
guessing that the wind would be too light to finish. Sure enough, no
finishers in our small division, so we ended up in first place!


In anticipation of the 2021 Transpac, I am reviving our remote post
system. Can't quite remember how it works, but if you see this, it does.


From Latitude 38:

Squid Pro Quo

By Christine Weaver | January 29, 2020 | San Francisco Bay | 

Early last week, Michael Moradzadeh of Tiburon had been considering entering his Santa Cruz 50 Oaxaca in the Three Bridge Fiasco. His plans for Saturday changed, but still involved getting the boat out.

fullsizeoutput_a0a6.jpeg , fullsizeoutput_a0a5.jpeg , fullsizeoutput_a0a9.jpeg , fullsizeoutput_a0ba.jpeg

Thank you to Roxanne Fairbairn for these lovely shots!


All new crew, we had a great time on the water.

Here's a picture of us finishing....


Thanks to Rhys, Erdun, and the whole crew via Griffin Bay Adventures for safely bringing Oaxaca home.


They're dribbling them out slowly, but here's a nice shot of our finish from Sharon Green. This one we had to pay for. Respect their copyright.


Time to pack them up.


Plastic spider on board caused great concern.

Skipper unfairly accused of planting it.  To be fair, it is something he WOULD do, but in this case, did not.