Called "the Trades" because you would not trade them for anything, the
Tradewinds sweep the Pacific from West to East and include warm steady winds
that will carry you to Hawai'i and beyond.

Our first hint of the trades was the appearance of flying fish, first in
solo sorties then in entire squadrons. The crew has declined to call them

Next are the graceful, all-white, long-tailed Tropic Birds coasting and
wheeling above us. Finally the winds kick in. We are enjoying (checks
instrument) 18.3 knots of wind, which is a lot, and is finally pushing us to
some respectable double-digit speeds.

Many of the crew have not sailed this stuff before, so it's time to share,
and Brett is doing a great job of this. Shortly, the swells will be big
enough to surf reliably, and we'll see speeds in the mid teens or better.

Late afternoon Monday arrival is what Expedition says. We will do better
than that for a number of reasons having to do with going fast.