A pretty, good, night

Now squarely in the tradewinds, we had some pretty good speed runs. I got 18
knots at one point and other crew had similar numbers to add to our baseline
10 knot run rate.

Night in the tropics brings squalls - a sequence of rain, wind, and light
air. The trick is not to be there when the light air hits, though we surely
got our share of rain. The extra wind brought extra speed, and we widened
the gap over Hula Girl and further shaved time of our forecast arrival,
making pre-noon on the 10th a real possibility.

Dinner last night was penne al fredo with some chicken thrown in. Brett made
another coleslaw piqued up with sriracha POWDER. Yes, it's a thing. Game

Folks have settled pretty well into the rhythm of the watch schedule, with
each watch exhibiting a different character. There's the chatty watch, the
calm watch, etc, depending on who is on it. Often we refer to the other
watches as the "what the f are they doing up there" watch.

I'm just off, had a couple cups of applesauce and am about to take a nap.
Shower later since I believe in doing that once a week whether needed or
not. Also everyone else has.