Less than 1500 miles to go!

Expedition says we will arrive July 10 at 11:07 am. However, we have
generally been sailing about 10% faster than it thinks we will, so, uh, we
plan to be earlier than that. Either way, it will be lovely to see our
friends and family at the far side.

We'll be docking at Waikiki Yacht Club, which is a pleasant stay. John
takes the boat back on the 15th, so it will be a brief stay at that

Our Iridium has gotten fussy, sometimes refusing to send mail, and sometimes
refusing to download weather. I think it's some dns issue, but where the
issue lies, I cannot say. Perhaps we will figure out where, on a windoze pc
the dns cacheing settings are.

Tamales again for breakfast, tacos for dinner. Viva la vida Oaxaca!