Happy Birthday America!

Fittingly, we are flying our A5 spinnaker, which features 15 stripes (just
like the Star Spangled Banner) and a blue field with white stars.

We finally got some lovely sunshine, some wind, and the ability to use said
spinnaker, giving us a couple more knots of boatspeed.

As of this writing, we are 1256 miles from the finish and about 950 miles
from the start, so we'll be halfway sometime this evening. The
machine-o-matic forecasts six and a half days to arrival for a
just-before-midnight on the tenth. HOWEVER, recall that we have been
outsailing our polars by 10%, so subtract 15 hours for a lovely mid-morning

Well, lovely for everyone but Kelsey, who has to head out on the 11th.

Tonight's festive meal will be hot dogs, chips, and watermelon. Mucho

Fun fact. Somebody decided that the way to stow little cartons of milk would
be to put cartons of milk in every possible stowage location. It's like the
world's dullest easter egg hunt.

Ok. Nap time. Something is planned for noon.