Converging With the Fleet

Out northerly strategy appears to have allowed us to converge with the
fleet, pulling ahead of some of our fellow racers and chasing down others.
We wonder why the Hammer Squirrel is showing lower boat speeds, but are
confident they will sort that out.

Meals aboard continue to be simple affairs. Last night was chickpea pasta
with prego sauce and turkey meatballs. Offered fruit and cookies for dessert
were declined. While there has been only one incident of mal de mer aboard,
we still need a few days to get our sea appetites under us. Tonight it is
LASAGNA, except for the gluten intolerant who will dine on her own stores

Gloomy weather, but excellent boatspeed in 13 knots of wind. Still no
spinnakers, so we will demand a partial refund. We were promised spinnaker