All Quiet on the Eastern Front

We're firmly ensconced in the fleet, the left one third, which is where I
generally prefer to be. Our boatspeed is very good and we are passing boats
one at a time.

It's 4:30 pm here on Oaxaca. Pretty quiet as the off-watch sleeps and the
on-watch focuses on driving. Steering a close reach (loose beat?) requires
a certain degree of concentration since the boat can easily steer closer to
the wind or off. There's a desire to put up one of the bigger sails, but at
15 knots it's not the right move. The forecast was 10-12, so this is a
bonus. Whoop, now it's 16!

For dinner tonight it's store-bought Lasagna in meat and cheese options.
Did I mention that already? Well it's still true.

And cookies, which I see Jo has already broken into. Along with the string
cheese. You'll spoil your appetite, kids! Oh wait is that an orange?

1825 miles to go. 26 Delta Ditch Runs or three Newport Bermuda races. Your