7/7 Blogging

We opened our halfway presents to great glee. We'll save the little bottles
of hooch for post-finish festivities. Hawkeye was particularly touched to
get a picture of baby Luna, and that photo is posted on the bulkhead.

Winds are steady but modest, and almost no swells, so we are just rumbling
along at a rate of about 8 knots toward our finish line. Last forecast had
us with a very civilized mid-afternoon finish, though not on the day we had
hoped for.

We are now pretty much on our ample freeze-dried and canned provisions, as
the fresh stuff has mostly been consumed, with particular attention to the
celery and the last of the yoghurt. Several heads of cabbage will be our
crunchy greenery, and we have a small watermelon which we intend to consume

Showers are being taken, to the satisfaction of all. Shoes are being shed so
that many are now unshod.

We are in the warm parts, and are awaiting our first squalls.